Manicure – Pedicure - Services
Beautiful hands along with beautiful feet definitely grab the attention!
Orly FX Manicure – Pedicure - Services
Now your nails and toes can last up to two weeks in perfect condition!
Artificial Nails - Services
Ideal for super busy women who do not have the time for regular visits to their beautician.
Hair Removal - Waxing - Services
Every part of our body is special and needs a different approach when it comes to hair removal.
Eyelashes/Extension of Eyelashes - Services
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting so that you always have a dashing look!
Eyebrows - Services
Nice shaped eyebrows make you look beautiful.
Podiatry Treatments - Services
Within the new range of services we offer, we have also added a brand new treatment on nail fungi.
Microblending/Semi-permanent Eyebrow tatoo - Services
The new trend in eyebrows with exceptional results!
Beauty Care - Services
Beauty care treatments with amazing results!
Shhh... it's a secret! - Services
This new service from Tips To Toes is a secret!